A multidimensional picture of Stieg Larsson

I worked together with Stieg Larsson,  authour of the Millennie-books, for a couple of years in the beginning of my career. Together we wrote the book ”The Extreme Right” (in Swedish ”Extremhögern”) that was published in 1991. It is an investigating report that deals with all kinds of extreme right movements in Europe and USA. It was received well in Swedish media and quickly sold out, a new revised version was presented in 1994.

Ever since Stieg Larsson died and his famous books were released I have been contacted regularly by journalists from all different countries. In ”The tattooed girl” I tried to answer some of the questions about him. How was he to work with and what do I think of him? Did he really write the books himself (of course he did)? This book was put together by Dan Burstein, Arne de Keijzer and John-Henri Holmberg, the last person was a close friend of Stieg for many years. They asked a lot of people to contribute. There are a number of books about Stieg Larsson. This one gives a multidimensional picture of Stieg and his work, the books and Sweden during his time.