To leave a destructive life full of hate


Svenska motståndsrörelsen, Swedish Resistance Movement, is one of the organisations in the Extreme Right, a Nazi party with a history of violence and criminality. Copyright: Anna-Lena Lodenius

Kängablomma190x250190x250They year of 2010 I wrote an evaluation abut Exit Fryshuset in Stockholm, likely the first de-radicalization project that focused mainly on Neo Nazis in Europe, for the Swedish authorities for youth related projects. It started off as a self-help project and developed into something larger and more professional, without losing the key idealistic approaches at the heart of the project. Later I developed the text into a longer article for a German publishing company, it was presented in a volume with the title Hilfe zum Ausstieg. This text has also been presented in an English translation: Exit evaluation Lodenius.

It has not been a straight road. My article tells the whole story of Exit Fryshuset, from the beginning until today. It describes the methods used by Exit and the people involved in the projects gives their experiences. I also interviewed a former Nazi, parents with children in the Nazi movement and other people that has been involved with Exit in various ways.




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