I am an authour and investigating  journalist, specialized in Racism and Xenophobia, The Extreme Right, Right Wing Populism, Politically motivated violence etc. Unfortunately most of my writings are in Swedish, but I sometimes writes in English as well or get translated. I have sometimes participated in seminars and debates in English. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about this.

* CV in English

* Lecturing and Moderating Debates – a few examples.

* Right-Wing Extremism in Sweden – a report about Swedish Nazi Movements and Right Wing Populist Parties

* To Leave a Destructive Life Full of Hate – a report about the Exit Movement helping activists in Neo Nazi-movements to quit.

* Global Respect and Workers Rights – a Project and a Study Material originally for Trade Unions, but also used in schools and relevant for a broad range of readers.

* A Multi-Dimensional Picture of Stieg Larsson – I was writing an article in a book about the Swedish Author of the Millennium Books, my former colleague Stieg Larsson.