CV in English

Personal Details:
Born in June 1958 in Norrtälje, Sweden
Family: Married, one daughter born 1995
Work: Freelance journalist since 1986. Started a small media company “AB Förenade Ord” 1994.

General description:
Well respected freelancer and investigating journalist with more than 30 years of experience. Writes articles in all sorts of publications and magazines, also experience from TV and radio. Has written around twenty books, most of them are about Racism, Xenophobia, Radical Right Populism or Neo-Nazism. Often used as an expert in media making comments on e g political violence, populist parties and anti-migration movements. Also experienced in working with information projects about different aspects of globalisation and human rights e g hiv/aids, terrorism, migration, decent work etc.


  • Academic studies in Journalism, training completed 1985 at the University of Stockholm
  • Studies in Swedish Language and Literature at the University of Stockholm 1981-82
  • Waldorf Teachers-training for young children in Stockholm 1980-82
  • Waldorf Teachers-training for retarded children Camp Hill Schools in Scotland 1979-80
  • Studies in Classic Guitar in Stockholm for 12 years

Work Experience:

  • Employed from September 2011 to August 2012 at Academy for Democracy (Ordfront) with a project in three schools about Democracy and Human Rights. The results were presented as a book.
  • Employed part-time autumn 2006, from October 2007 to April 2008 and during 2012 as one of the editors of the periodical “Ordfront magasin”, a magazine focusing on e g politics, foreign affairs, culture and human rights ( Ordfront is also a publishing house; they published a book that I wrote in 2006.
  • Administrator of a project about globalisation and Human Rights at the Olof Palme International Centre in Stockholm 2003-2004 ( and
  • Investigating reporter for a documentary magazine produced for stately television 1994-1995.
  • Researcher for an investigating program in Swedish Channel 4 ”Kalla fakta” 1990-1993.
  • Reporter at “Expressen” during 1991 (one of the biggest daily magazines in Scandinavia)
  • One of two editors for a youth magazine distributed by Swedish Social Democratic Youths 1987/1988
  • Reporter at different local newspapers in greater Stockholm area for longer or shorter periods of time 1986-90.
  • Journalistic work for the big Swedish news agency TT including radio news and text-TV 1984-90.

Experience of working in Organizations

  1. Since 2018 in the board of Doku, a foundation for investigating journalism focusing on radical and violent jihadism.
  2. In the board and the Grants committé of the Swedish Authors Foundation from 2013-2019.
  3. Board member of Minerva, a section of the Swedish Authors’ Society, from 2008 to 2012.
  4. Board member of the Swedish Authors Society 2001-2003.
  5. In the jury of the Swedish Television Prix Mosaik 2001 and 2002.
  6. Board of the Olof Palme Memorial Foundation since 1995, in the executive committee since 2009.
  7. Board member of the Investigating Journalists Association in Sweden in the beginning of the 90th, part of the time even in the executive committee.


  1. 2022 – Pennskaftet (Penwoman), an award in the namne of the Swedish author Elin Wägner.
  2. 2020 – A grant from the Swedish Academy as part of at program to support authors that have been affected by the pandemic and a help to investigate coming projects.
  3. 2019 – A grant from the Publishing House Natur och Kultur for continuing my work with a biography of the first leader of a Swedish Nazi party and and the first period of national socialism in Sweden.
  4. 2012 – A grant from the Publishing House Natur och Kultur for making further investigations in the field of Racism, Xenophobia and Right Wing Populism.
  5. 2010 – A grant from the Swedish Authors’ Society, an annual financial support in Five years.
  6. 2009 – The Swedish Artists Foundation against Racism and Xenophobia for investigating right wing Populist Party Sweden Democrats.
  7. 2006 – A grant from the Swedish Authors’ Society provided for developing my writing (they have given me smaller grants on earlier occasions but this was the first more long-time lasting grant that I received).
  8. 2003 – The Swedish Artists Foundation against Racism and Xenophobia.
  9. 1993 – The Vilhelm Moberg-foundation (Moberg was a Swedish author and journalist) and the magazine Arbetaren.


  1. ”Svart på vitt – om Sverigedemokraterna”, Atlas, 2022. Swedens biggest right wing populist party exposed from the start until today.
  2. ”En värmländsk Hitler – Birger Furugård och de första svenska nazisterna” , Historiska Media, 2021. The first biography of the first leader of a Swedish Nazi Party.
  3. ”Frigjorda tider – när porren blev kultur och kulturen porr”, together with Martin Kristenson and Fredrik af Trampe, Klubb Super8/Serieslussen/Stevali, 2021. The book deals with how the period of the sexual revolution affected the cultural sector such as film, litterature, theatric performances, music etc.
  4. ”Vi måste förbereda oss på död – i huvudet på en terrorist” (We must prepare ourselves for death – in the head of a terrorist”), Atlas, 2017.
  5. ”Vi säger vad du tänker” (We  say what you think), about Radical Right Wing Populism in Europe, Atlas, 2015.
  6. ”Att bygga en demokrati i skolan” (”To build av democracy in school”), 2012.
  7. ”Krutdurk Europa” (”Powder keg Europe”) 2011, about Right Wing Populism in Europe and methods to fight Racism and Xenophobia.
  8. “Arbetarrörelsen och högerpopulisterna” (“Workers Movement and the Right Wing Populists”), a report about how the workers movement in Scandinavia handles the situation with a right wing populist party in the parliament and what strategies they have to minimize the power of those parties, with Mats Wingborg, 2010.
  9. “Slaget om svenskheten” (“The Battle of the Swedishness” − A book about right wing populist party Sweden Democrats and the migration issue, with Mats Wingborg, 2009.
  10. Anthology “Högerpopulisterna”(“Right Wing Populists”) – I wrote a long story about the history of the Sweden Democrats, 2009.
  11. “Migrantarbetare – grundkurs i rörlighet, rättigheter och globalisering”, (Migrant Workers, about mobility, globalisation and human rights), with Mats Wingborg, Premiss, due to be published in August 2008.
  12. “Journalister och extremister” (Journalists and Extremists, about how journalists can deal with undemocratic and sometimes violent movements of all different kinds.)  Annual publication for the Swedish Publishers Society (Publicistklubben). Editor and author of certain parts, 2007.
  13. “Gatans parlament”, (“The Parliament of the Streets”) About violence and extremism in both right and leftwing movements in Europe), Ordfront, 2006.
  14. “Är det värt det?” Editor and author of certain parts. (About world trade, fair trade, Clean Clothes Campaign etc). Rättvisemärkt and Rena kläder, 2005.
  15. Global Respekt” (Global Respect – a Basic Course in Globalisation and Human Rights”, Atlas 2004 and 2006 (revised version). Editor, author of certain parts. English translation 2005. Third revised edition (with several new chapters) in 2013.
  16. ”Tvåfrontskrig” (About the union and the fight for democracy), Hjalmarsson and Högberg 2002.
  17. ”Svenskarna först?” (Investigates xenophobic argumentation) with Mats Wingborg, Atlas 1999.
  18. ”Vit makt och blågula drömmar” (White Power and Blue and Yellow Dreams – neo-Nazism in Sweden, Europe and USA), with Per Wikström, Natur och Kultur 1998.
  19. ”Nazist, rasist eller bara patriot?” (Neo-Nazism in Sweden), med Per Wikström, for the Federal Swedish Police Authorities, 1997.
  20. ”Extremhögern” (The Extreme Right in Sweden, Europe and USA), with Stieg Larsson, Tiden 1991 and 1994 (revised version).
  21. ”Operation högervridning” (Employers organisations and the political work), with Sven Ove Hansson, Tiden 1988.